posted by Ivo
July 2014

After following and admiring the music of Tom Misch and Jess (Carmody) for the past 6 months, I still had problems understanding what the dynamics behind the talented duo. That's why I went on doing the most logical thing ever - just approach them personally. Enjoy the interview and of course their outstanding music.

How did you guys meet and how did this whole thing started?

We met through a producer called Simon who said that Tom would be perfect to play on some songs I was working on with him at the time and it went from there really. We’ve played lots of gigs together and have always been song writing, but Tom only started producing the tracks at the beginning of this year and that’s when we started putting stuff online.

How does the song-writing look like when you work together. Is one of you “dominating”?

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I think we both have our areas that we ‘dominate’ when we write together…Tom produces the tracks so he definitely takes control there, but I’m pretty controlling about the lyrics and we have a few debates about the topline!

What’s next for you both as a “band” and individually?

We’re releasing an EP in July(ish) ha! It’s getting there! Then we want to do some live shows together too. Tom’s going to Trinity College of Music to study Jazz Guitar in September and we both have some solo projects that we’re working on at the moment.

If you have to choose one artist to collaborate with who would that be?

Tom – D’Angelo

Carmody – Grimes

What’s your opinion on distribution of music nowadays. Many artists lately support free downloads and let their fans pay as much as they decide for their music. Do you think this is the future of music industry?

We both agree that people are gradually moving towards paying for music again, whether it be in the form of streaming through Spotify or vinyl making a come back. It is a good idea to give away music for free at the beginning of your career, but there are still a lot of people out there who think it’s still a good idea to pay for music in some shape or form (hopefully!)

If your music has to be described as an animal, which one would be and why?

This was a hard question! We went through just about every animal. Went for a meerkat in the end, but we’re not sure why. Just felt like a good fit.

Could both of you take a funny selfie at this exact moment? :)

tom misch carmody pic

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