posted by Anna
March 2017

We've all been obsessing with Vancouver Sleep Clinic here at Stereofox for quite some time now (just check his artist profile after this interview and find for yourself), so I was definitely well excited when we could catch up for a quick interview.

This is also perfect timing because they released a brand new track today with incredible animation - safe to say I'm obsessed.

For those who don’t know you yet, could you please introduce Vancouver Sleep Clinic?

Vancouver Sleep Clinic is a project I started in high school. I’ve aimed to create dreamy, honest & accessible music that hopefully isn’t as crazy to you as the band name.

It’s an interesting name for a project, is there a special story behind it?

It really came from my frustration in finding a name that I liked that wasn’t taken. I felt like the Sleep Clinic part really connected with the ethereal and peaceful nature of the music, whilst Vancouver is a beautiful place with a wintery nature that I felt complimented the name nicely.

How do you write music? Where do you draw the inspiration from?

I like to start most ideas on my piano or guitar in my little home studio. They all come from pretty raw places, and then grow into the final product later. I draw inspiration just from life experiences & emotions - i want all my songs to be raw and honest!

You recent volunteering experience in Cambodia and the Philippines seems to have contributed a lot to the new material. Could you please share why you decided to volunteer and how it inspired the new music?

I honestly just felt like I needed to get out of the house and away from the studio and get some different perspective. The trip really threw me out of my comfort zone and effectively got me thinking about what really matters.

I came back feeling really refreshed but more importantly with a lot more meaning & purpose to what I was doing.

What is one random thing nobody knows about you?

I made the Australian high school futsal team when I was 16!

What does the future hold for Vancouver Sleep Clinic? Any plans on touring the US or Europe (my selfish wish, really)?

We’re actually just about to embark on a North American tour in support of a band called Daughter, which I am really excited for. We’re playing a show in London tonight before we leave!

Do you have any music recommendations for us?

If you like VSC, I just found this guy from the UK called Anil Sebastian who I’ve been loving.

Thanks for the interview! Any final thoughts or, maybe, a piece of advice for aspiring musicians out there?

I still have so much to learn myself but the biggest thing for me was just putting time aside every single day to chase the music thing. I was in 5 different bands before I found something that worked!

Every single friend we have on this earth, old or new, meet here this time next week. ? @alexandraelisabettaphoto

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