posted by Ivo
October 2015

Creepa is someone I've been closely following ever since Alex first introduced him to our community in the beginning of the year. The young Dutch producer has always managed to create  really captivating ambiance and is definitely standing out with his own signature style, even though he's constantly evolving and improving.

Just like last week with swindail, we decided to invite him to create our next mini mix and answer a few questions, so we get to know him better. Enjoy!


Jonwayne - Mean Muggin(ft. Jeremiah Jae &Oliver the 2nd) No Tv No Radio x Halpe - Drugs Dabow - Trust Tibe x falcxne - Chea whereisalex - Death Woolymammoth - Sweatshirt Mr. Carmack - EGO (Woolymammoth Remix) MEDASIN - Silver Graves & Aya - Truth. Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiel - Wheres God (Prod. He~YOo x Lax'o'puls) [remix]

Creepa mix interview

Hi Jari, tell us a bit about yourslf - where are you from, how old are you, how did you get into producing music?

I was born in Amsterdam on the 4th of july 1995, soo that makes me 20 years old.

I started taking classical piano lessons when I was 5 years old and took these until the age of 15. Meanwhile I played in a couple of cover bands, nothing too serious though. I was first introduced to producing by a friend of my father. He used to make beats on reason and he offered to teach me how to make basic compositions. I was instantly hooked to producing and switched to Ableton Live 9 pretty fast and began to spent more time trying to get better.

Now, 5 years later its definitely the one and only thing I want to be doing for the rest of my life.

You are part of ZenSupremacy - a Dutch electronic collective. How did that happen and can you share a bit what you guys are working on?

Yes, I recently joined ZenSupremacy and released a few tracks with them. I received a message about 6 months ago from the founder asking if I wanted to submit a mix.

I didn't know how to DJ at the time, so I told them I needed some time to step up my game. 2 months ago I suddenly remembered this message and replied back. I helped a little bit with the organisation of their fist party in Amsterdam, which was a great success. We (the crew and I) met each other that night and we instantly became friends. Not too long after this night Youri (Aka .Sinh, the owner of ZenSupremacy) hit me up asking me to submit a track. He really liked that tune ("Lush") and uploaded it to the SoundCloud channel a few weeks later. That's basically how I became part of the movement. 

I have a new release on the channel with "No Tv No Radio" on the 26th of October. Also a few gigs are being planned as we speak.

creepa live

You've already played live - how was the experience?

That picture is from one of my first gigs back in 2012. It was definitly a pretty dope experience even though I was pretty nervous. I wasn't that active from 2012 untill just recently in terms of gigs. I played a show in Brussels 2 weeks ago and will have a show in Amsterdam the 7th of November.

Both these gigs are B2B sets with .Sinh. I'm really looking forward to playing more shows, its one of the best things about making music.

How do you learn and improve when it comes to music production? Playing around or there's something/someone you look up to?

I listen to music a lot but it's all about practicing. I make music nearly everyday and really enjoy learning new stuff. I'm always trying to improve my sounds and skill to something I can be proud of. Ofcourse I do have some artists I really look up to like: Sam Gellaitry, Graves, Ⓞiiiiiiiiiiiiiel....薬., whereisalex, Mr. Carmack and alot more.

How does your average day look like?

My average day is extremely boring for outsiders, its all about music. I wake up, eat something, fire up laptop and don't stop until I feel like eating or sleeping. Of course I hang out with friends from time to time but mainly friends that produce as well. Imagine 2-3 people sitting in a room with their laptops and headphones in silence for hours in a row. I really enjoy that a lot, haha!

Where do you see yourself both music and life-wise in a few years?

I hope I can keep producing and doing my thing. Things are looking good for ZenSupremacy in Amsterdam and I feel like I found my family, music wise, with the crew. I hope we can all do our thing together and have fun.

Who are some of the producers you would like to work with?

I would love to work with Mura Masa, Sam Gellaitry, Alexander Lewis, whereisalex, ganz and many more. I will work alot moe on my own sound and finding my perfect workflow before I consider actually hitting them up.

Thanks for the interview! Any final thoughts? Anything that's on your mind - feel free to drop it here.

I'd like to thank you at Stereofox for considering me for this series. I really liked this Q&A so people can get to know me a bit better. For anyone interested in my discography from the last 2 years, its available on bandcamp.

I hope you all enjoyed my mix and Q&A.

One love!! -Creepa