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February 2016

Earlier this week we featured some awesome 80s inspired beats created by the... I think 18 (?) years old L.A. producer BAESIC.

I had the chance to talk to her and besides great music, she's happens to be rly cool person and it didn't take long before I decided it would be great to invite her for one of our mini mix series and ofc discover a bit more about the person behind the music.

Enjoy some trappy sounds and awesome electronics.

instupendo - rare.
Madbliss - No Roof
Mr. Carmack - hectic #3
Ta-Ku - Closet Drake Fans
Mr. Carmack - NASA
Alexander Lewis. - Forward
Alexander Lewis. - Tides
BAESIC - ????
TroyBoi & Evil Needle - Drive
baesic interview mini mix

Hey, Maddie! Pleasure to have you as a guest in our mini mix series. Could you introduce yourself and say the random-est fact about you.

What's Good! Let's see...I was supposed to sing and perform with Michael Jackson for his comeback song “Heal the World” but he passed away 2 days before the performance. I was so upset!

How did you started making music? You've been around for about a year or so, so I guess a lot of things feel new or?

From a young age, music has been a prominent part of my life and I have gained much enjoyment from playing musical instruments and experimenting with the latest technologies.  This passion was reinforced within me as I grew up around a family of musicians and singers where I was exposed to all different types of music.

At the age of 6, my mother pushed me to take piano lessons saying that I would be grateful for this skill one day. I complained about this and sometimes refused to practice piano.  Later on in my life, I was glad that I knew an instrument, especially when I started to pursue music production. I started out playing around in Garageband and soon enough moved onto more professional softwares like Logic Pro X, and Ableton.  I still feel very new to these softwares and have quite a lot to learn... but I’m excited!

You're inspired by the 70s and 80s movement. Where's that affection coming from?

I grew up listening to R&B/Soul music as my parents were very fond of it. I fell in love with bands including Earth Wind and Fire, ELO, and Michael Jackson. I am so grateful that my parents cultured me in this amazing genre of music.


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Do you play any instrument or focus on software producing?

I have played piano since the age of 6 which has helped immensely with music composition and production.

What's currently on your playlist? Any producers or artists we should know about?

Ooh that's a hard one. Definitely Sango, Wayvee, Bonobo, JNTHN STEIN, TEK.LUN, Lakim, Daft Punk, and Pomo. There are so many more including lyric walls, Madbliss, montell2099, Mikos Da Gawd and of course Mr. Carmack.

If you have to choose 3 artists/producers/singers to collaborate with, who would they be and why?

Of course I would have to choose Daft Punk as my #1. They are music visionaries in my opinion and I would love to learn from the masters. I would also love to work with Sango or JMSN. I feel that both artists has so much talent and knowledge!

How does your average day look like? Is beat-making a full time thing and do you have any other hobbies besides music?

I am actually a full time student at the moment and I barely have time to sit down and focus on my music. School is very important to me so it's sometimes difficult to balance both academics and my career. Also my parents don't support my music production career at the moment so I have to financially support myself in that aspect which is quite hard to do without a job. Along with music I am a very active athlete as I play competitive soccer for a premier team in Los Angeles. I also love art and dance!

Thanks for the interview. Any final thoughts? Anything that's on your mind.

Always have faith in yourself...even if you feel discouraged by life.

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