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February 2016

I can't believe it's been 20 mixes since we started the mini mix project August last year. We've had the chance to introduce you guys some of our favourite up and coming producers and not only enjoy their seriously great selections, but find out more the people behind the music.

The 20th edition of this series is dedicated on one of my personally favourite discoveries for 2015. Jonny (aka break) is a London-based producer and his sound gravitates towards future beats, trap, r&b... basically very spacious ambiances which have been the soundtrack of many nights in the past few months. I've been quite excited about this and the mix, without a surprise, turned out to be absolutely staggering.


OBESON - Alone
Brothel - Blessed (Ft. Haven)
Evil Needle - Falling Leaves
Break - Memories
Break - Stay
Ryan Hemsworth - Lost + Found (Ft. Sinead Harnett)
Break - I Want U
Kuma & Aywy - Intervals
Claudio Marques - Vacation (Prod. Break x Fade)
Break - ???
Rendevouz At Two - Missed Call

break producer london interview

Jonny! Thanks for the mini mix and this interview. Great to have you as a guest in our mini mix series. Can you share a bit information about yourself?

My pleasure bro. I’m Break, and I’m a 21 year old producer based in London (South to be specific).

Do you play any music instrument and do you think that's important for the young generation of producers (despite the advancement of software)?

Yeah I’ve been playing the piano for about 12 years. It’s pretty important to learn an instrument because basic theory knowledge is essential, and if you are learning an instrument, you can put those things into practice. I think it’s cool to know why things work well together rather than just knowing they sound good.

Where does your moniker come from?

Break actually started off as a side project and I’d just upload new stuff whenever it deviated from the vibe I used to put out with my previous alias. I’m pretty sure I wanted a funky url so I was just looking for names that I could use with dashes in the middle and “Break” happened to be the first one.

The white cross is a consistent element in your artworks. What's the backstory?

I’m all about spreading good vibes in my music, and I think the artwork is the visual extension of my songs so the cross is just there to represent that.

"Heartbreaker // Beatslayer". Which comes first?

I’d have to say heartbreaker ;)

How does your average day looks like? Is music a full time thing?

Well, I’m studying music at university at the moment so it is pretty much a full time thing, there’s hardly a time when I’m not doing anything that doesn’t involve music at all which is pretty cool. On an average day, I’d be working on my final uni project for a few hours, then try to work on my own music for a bit before getting ready for work at night or if there’s no work then you’ll definitely find me in the studio.

What's next for you in 2016?

Just releasing tons of new music man. I’ve had some pretty serious health issues over the past 6/7 months or so that has slowed down my output a great deal but I’m feeling a lot better, I think my production is sounding a lot better as well so I’m just ready to give everybody some new break to listen to!

What's on your playlist right now? Any artists we should be checking out?

I delete songs of my iTunes periodically just to keep things fresh, currently I’m listening to all the music my parents introduced me to when I was a kid like Whitney Houston, Cyndi Lauper, The Whispers, Chaka Khan - that 80’s disco stuff.

You guys should check out my bro Kareful. He just released his debut album via Trapdoor titled ‘Deluge’, it’s incredible!

And definitely check out Rendezvous At Two; they’ve been making music for a while with each other but recently come together as a duo and are just getting better and better with each song they put out. Big things to come for these two!

If you could wish one thing for yourself, what would that be?

To stay healthy my whole life. Health is definitely one thing people take for granted.

Dude, thanks for the interview! Any final thoughts? Anything that's on your mind.

My pleasure bro. Shout outs to everyone supporting my music, and also to you guys at Stereofox too!

Follow Jonny's beat hunting journey on Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter. Download this awesome mix here.

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