IS TROPICAL is a British trio formed in 2009 and signed to French music label Kitsuné, who are also working with bands like Hot Chip, Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club. After hearing something like this one expects good music and, well, we get it.

"Dancing anymore" is the lead single from their sophomore album I'm Leaving which was released just a few days ago. The track is ridiculously good: strong bass line, danceable beats. There is evertyhing for dancing in any possible manner. In this respect i love the clash of lyrics and the name of the song and dangerously fun beats and melody.

However, all of this is not the best part of the post. The best part is the video. It's so NSFW that it has been taken down from Youtube and I am not sharing it here. You can watch it on Vimeo. The video is so weird and confusing that you get to like it a lot. I wish I could see the faces of people watching it right now.

posted by Anna
May 2013