For the rap fans who are devotees to the boombap sound of hip hop, you're going to absolutely love ITEE's newest release with Black Zee Profecia Crew "Direction".

Deeply rooted in her Nigerian background, upcoming rap prodigy ITEE began her music career professionally in 2019. "Direction" exhibits her top-notch level of lyricism and I love how her personality shines through her charismatic vocal delivery. While the instrumental clearly pays homage to hip-hop from the past, the addition of a glossy synth lead in "Direction" infuses a contemporary touch. Towards the end, the track is enriched by a Spanish verse that adds a soulful and captivating conclusion.

ITEE says, "The song was written at a time in my life when I felt the most lost. it expresses the feeling of loss and needing God's help to find a way."

posted by Lu
September 2023