IYAMAH proves that she can't artistically be boxed in as she delivers a comforting rap verse, and a stellar vocal performance in her latest track "Ladybird".

Last month IYAMAH dropped In Two Worlds, the debut album of the Brighton-born, London-based vocalist and songwriter. With "Ladybird" we're acquainted with an elegant fusion of r&b and hip hop that's adorned with glittery acoustic guitars, giving the track such a rich earthy feel. This beautifully complements the thematic approach IYAMAH treads into here. Ladybird is a story IYAMAH encountered with a ladybird which forced her to reflect on her relationship with nature, and the city life she had been living for the past 10 years.

"This song was written from the perspective of the ladybird, reminding us that sometimes we need to slow down, take in the moment and be present once again"

posted by Lu
last month