After spending 12 months in Berlin and having the pleasure of listening to a fair amount of this city's buskers, I think I wouldn't make a mistake by describing the German capital as the European Mecca for street music.

I dare you to spend a day walking around the most vibrant neighborhoods in Berlin and mark my words - you will find at least one artist which will make your jaw drop on the floor. This is what happened to me earlier today when I stumbled upon Jackson Dyer's performance.

Equipped with a loop station, an acoustic guitar, few neat samples and his outstanding voice, this guy absolutely killed it. It took me one listen of his EP White Threads to completely fall in love with his art. And yes, if a guy with guitar can move you internally, he's an artist. I don't like preaching or anything, but independent artists like him, Alice Phoebe Lou, Matteo and Geordie Little (just a few of the cool people me and Juan met along the way) deserve our complete support and admiration.

I hope this song moves you too.

posted by Ivo
September 2014