If you decided to stay at home this Friday night, well, no worries, me too, and I've got you covered.

The new energy impulse to elevate the evening comes from Jai Piccone, part of Tora. "Warning Shot", despite the slightly threatening title, will actually seduce you with Jai's soft vocals, incorporating upbeat electronica.

Here's what he says about it:

This song came about as a result of inspiration deriving from time spent and relationships/experiences had in Tokyo, Milan, London and Australia. Essentially it's about everyone's desire to feel valued and the emotions evoked when the feeling of being valued is challenged, especially when it's someone close to you. It's my intention to do something new, but this song for me is a way to push my love for house/techno into a space that incorporates lyrics and songwriting with some pop sensibility.

It wouldn't hurt to dance in the living room either, so...

posted by Nasko
December 2019