This is something we've been waiting for for a while!

Jake Milliner dropped his debut Bernie Says today, thanks to Melting Pot Music, and it's exquisite!

"Reminisce" & "Love Child No.3" were simply gorgeous, but I wanted to present you something different and an instant favourite of mine - "Jack Jones", featuring the lovely Bubblerap on the vocals. The deeper and more electronic instrumental, plus her soulful voice, made this an unusual fusion between r&b and jazz.

Bernie Says is amazing and super diverse, I don't think you'll be bored even for a while. It takes you on a trip through varios genres & vibes, including upbeat electronica ("Perfect Time To Lie"), funky hip-hop ("Last Place", featuring Eun) and more oldschool one ("Chauffeur For Some Killers", featuring 25).

Stream it below, you'll thank me.

posted by Nasko
October 2019