Today's New Music Friday holds so many beauties.

Starting off my selection with the wonderful James Alexander Bright and his new "Soul".

His unique approach to this classic genre (loving the double meaning of the title in this case), which was already present in the instant earworm "Wheels Keep Turning", here takes a bit of a funky turn and has this empowering energy. He elaborates:

This is a track all about the essence of what I believe we all have - a soul. In the modern world we live in people seem to forget that we have souls. Whether it’s losing it to social media or selling it for quick gains. We each have a soul and this is the energy source that powers us. It’s a good idea to try to take care of yours. All music that’s made by humans contains traces of the maker's soul. Music and creativity are soulful endeavours.

This piece, alongside the previous singles, will take part in his upcoming new album, set to release later this year.

posted by Nasko
April 2022