I don't know what's going on with all those people collaborating in the past week, but some artists have been on fire!

After "Tokyo Drifting" by Glass Animals and Denzel Curry and "Flight 99" by Ta-ku, Matt McWaters and Masego, here comes another killer team - Q-Tip, Little Simz and Idris Elba (yeah, he raps, if you've only known him from his film career). Well, they all got together thanks to the French producer James BKS.

"New Breed" is an ode to Africa's empowerment (James has got Cameroonian roots), and you can tell by the captivating traditional percussion rhythm and melodies, and Swahili gospel chants. This, combined with those three's amazing flows - well, you've got a track to remember. James shares:

Little Simz, Idris Elba, Q-Tip and me strongly and proudly represent the New Breed movement, a different way to approach music with no borders, no judgment, no labels. We have learned from our past mistakes and victories and our eyes are on Africa, while in the meantime we embrace our own personal paths, respectively in the UK for Little Simz and Idris Elba, in the US for Q-Tip and in France for me.

And there's a super cool animated story for the track, so hit that play button:

posted by Nasko
November 2019