Well those are 4 names one would love seeing together!

Our favourite Australian producer Golden Vessel is back with something worth breaking the Internet. Max managed to pick two of our most favourite features this year and create something truly captivating and unique.

Mashing James Blake & Bon Iver's beauty "I Need A Forest Fire" (which is to this day one of the most touching tracks I've found in 2016) and Anohni's powerful "Drone Bomb Me" is probably definitely the best idea one could have. It took me 15 seconds to know that this would be my next sound obsession.

 Listening to this gave me such an inspirational feeling to go about my day and do something great.

Initially I really wanted to do a remix for a track off the new James Blake album, and 'I Need a Forest Fire' was the obvious choice. I also really wanted to do a remix of Anohni's 'Drone Bomb Me’, so I decided to try blending them together into the same mix, and it just worked so well. Both these songs are two of my favourites of the year, and I also think the titles of the songs really stand out with both artists asking for what would be considered disasters to mankind

To find out more about Max, read our interview with him from last year.

posted by Ivo
August 2016