James Chatburn is definitely making a name for himself. The Australian singer, songwriter and producer is back with a brilliant emotive track called "Omens" and things are looking seriously seductive.

The track kicks-off pretty minimalistically with James' vocals completely taking over the sound space around us, but soon enough a number of samples, synthesizers, drum machines and guitars join him on this amazing sound quest. I also recommend paying attention to the lyrics as they truly paint the picture, crafted by the talented artist.

"Omens" was also selected by Soulection for their 6th anniversary Promise Once More compilation, which is a huge deal and James absolutely fits in the sounds curated by the LA label/tastemaker. It's worth to note other producers and artists taking part in it like IAMNOBODI, esta. and starRo. More features coming soon!

posted by Ivo
February 2017