I have this acoustic craving sometimes, when I just want to listen to simple acoustic guitar music, barely produced or processed. As much as I love electronica, this is always the purest form of music for me and one of the first types of music I learned to enjoy. You know, after Backstreet Boys and Britney music period.

Jamie Sloan is an Irish singer-songwriter, so I'm happy I'm exploring the local music scene. "You're The One For Me" seems to be coming straight from the heart - it's raw, honest and super emotional. Jamie's voice is matched perfectly with the guitar, it's a little bit hoarse, yet gentle. This is the kind of music you listen to while watching sunset on some gorgeous beach.

His EP is coming out in September, and it looks like it will be worth our while. Give Jamie some love and support, every little thing counts!

posted by Anna
June 2018