Jamie Woon is a 29-year old British singer and songwriter. His sounds are something between soul, ambient, R&B, maybe even dubstep. Not the dubstep with crazy beats, but more of a liquid dubstep. His debut album Mirrorwriting was out in 2011 and I am hoping that Jamie is about to release something new.

He is a great example of an electroacoustic trend in music and the song "Gravity" is very representative of this genre.  He combines various styles, enriches them with his penetrating vocals and the outcome is a mellow track, that can be on repeat forever. It fits lazy Sunday, I would say.

There are two different versions of the song: one is purely acoustic, which also sounds very good, and the other one with a slight electronic refinement. I personally prefer the electro version, which you can listen below. Check out the intro: it's long and delicate, perfectly preparing you to what you are about to hear.

posted by Anna
February 2013