As soon as I heard the opening moments of "Kashmer", I already knew that this is something that will be on my rotation for a while. Like 2 Chainz proudly proclaimed - "I like UK Garage and that's my f****** problem", and it's influence is lavishly smeared throughout "Kashmer".

Even though I genuinely enjoyed "Kashmer", for me it served more so as a gateway into the world of British producer Jasper Tygner as I was instantly compelled to dive into his other works thanks to this splendid listening experience. "Kashmer" contains a similar sort of alluring minimalism found in his other tracks, and I also gravitated towards Jasper's compelling array of samples - particularly how he manipulates the vocals. If you're into Ross from Friends or even Jim-E Stack then you'll surely love this too.

posted by Lu
May 2021