Fresh out of the oven, Jaz Karis' single "SIDE OF YOU" is today reason to update your sensual slow-motion playlists.

The track, which was released last Friday, comes as a first step towards South London songstress' upcoming EP Dear Jaz scheduled for next month.

Even though this is the first time we feature Jaz on the website, we've been keeping taps on her music for some time now. A true rising hope on the UK r&b and soul scene, the 25-years old singer grew up in church choirs been performing since the age of 7. It's in her blood! Something, you can see in her 2018 COLORS show which is just pure bliss.

"SIDE OF YOU" is the embodiment of perfection. The music and that subtle bassline perfectly flows through the humming melody crafted by Jaz. She's claiming her well-deserved spot on the notorious list of those who shape and hold the future of the genre.

posted by Ivo
September 2022