If you're James Blake & Jordan Rakei fans, you're gonna love this.

The young UK singer & producer Jed Holland (whom you might know from his collab with edbl), unveils his new single "Shelter" - a melancholic & cinematic take on neo-soul, taken from his upcoming debut EP in early 2024.

Jed elaborates on the song title & meaning, "Shelter" was written 6 years ago just after I'd left college and moved to Leeds for uni. The song alludes to a common internal conflict I'd go through during periods where I felt particularly anxious or unstable in my mood - my natural 'self-protection' response when I felt like this would often be to shut myself away from others which would always result in me feeling even more lonely and isolated than I did before. During these periods, another part of me would be simultaneously fighting to convince myself to go outside and see people which I knew would probably help, but doing this felt like a huge mountain to climb when I'd already developed a habit of becoming so reclusive."

The song starts off gently, like a lullaby & builds up towards the end, just like the UK singer's emotions. Aside from the warm vocals & the mesmerising drum groove, you'll surely fall in love with the violin, played by Jed himself. Make sure to also tune in to the official music video, it's gorgeous:

posted by Nasko
November 2023