Meet Jellis, the musical alias of Welsh composer Josh Ellis, as he shares a piece of his soul with his latest track "If You Want".

The mind behind tunes featured on shows such as Love Island and Strictly Come Dancing, Jellis brings forth more than beats and melodies. "If You Want" is a serene blend of dreamy textures and a captivating vocal narrative that gracefully rides over a chilled and deep beat. Yet, the essence of this track transcends its melodic beauty.

The story behind "If You Want" adds a layer of emotional depth. Conceived during Josh's university years while grappling with anxiety, the track became a therapeutic outlet. Fast forward seven years, and this composition has evolved into a symbolic journey through mental health struggles. In a poignant message for Movember, Jellis shares his story, emphasizing the importance of mental health awareness.

So, the next time you press play on "If You Want" remember, that it's more than a track it's a slice of someone's narrative, an ode to resilience, and a subtle reminder that even in the low moments, there's hope.

posted by Boris
December 2023