There's sultry music and there's "No Love" - absolute next-level smoothness.

Meet Jeyaia, the Aussie r&b/soul star, hailing from Sydney and taking the world by storm. And you'll get what I'm talking about with her latest single.

"No Love" tells the story of "two people coming together to trigger each other's deepest wounds, in an opportunity to heal and grow". Aside from the touching & thought-provoking storytelling wrapped up in silky & very rich vocal lines, the song offers captivatingly playful synths and mellow drum grooves that take turns with slow-burner piano and deep beatwork, thanks to the production skills of Chelsea Warner.

A pretty amazing way to explore the infinite world of human connections & emotions, through the vulnerability of personal experience. Jeyaia elaborates:

"No Love" describes that feeling that many can resonate with; the feeling of being alone, even when lying in someone's arms and being as close as two humans can possibly be. We spend so much time in unfulfilling relationships, blaming the other for not loving us the way we want to be loved, when really, this connection holds the key to us learning our greatest life lessons. Healing the past, which is blocking us from seeing the other through the eyes of love in the present. Love is a journey of self-discovery.

The song comes with a very cool simple-styled animated story from Graciela Angulo which I highly recommend checking below:

posted by Nasko
July 2022