On Jodré’s latest release “conversations”, a comforting kind of romance is introduced to the listener through the stellar vocal performance and songwriting.

In many ways, this feels like a ballad albeit with a modern approach to it. And if you also picked up on this it’s because “conversations” serves as a gentle anthem for those who have just fallen in love. Throughout his lyrics Jodré dives into the pure emotions that arise when a relationship begins, and this is done in a manner that makes romance cool again. When it comes to the instrumentation, it’s the presence of the smooth guitars that enliven the stereo field along with the tender swing of the drums. Even though their subtle, there are also these keys that adorn “conversations” with a dreamy touch, especially in the chorus.

This is a song for people that are in love and thrive on that excitement, and if that’s you then it’s your lucky day to come across this gem.

posted by Lu
September 2022