Jonas Schilling is a new name in my sound book, but after listening to his first releases, I can safely say - we have a new and exciting name on the electronic scene.

The Berlin-based artist strives the most when he explores the organic and experimental side of organic house, something avid in "5778" - a composition he dropped in June via Mexican record label Amselcom.

"5778" offers listener a hopeful and rather radiant feeling paired with a smooth and gradual build-up. Jonas, who is also a teacher, describes his music as "countless Sunday afternoons on sunlit dance floors". As someone spent 8 years here, I can vouch for that.

"5778 was planned and composed in the classic sense of emotional song writing. Last winter i looked out of my window in Berlin and thought to write something that would cheer me up. I needed something full of light and energy, something heroic that would be opposed to how i felt.", shares the artist.

posted by Ivo
last month