Been a fan of Joya for quite some time but hands down, this is my fav song from her (so far).

"Most Frail" has got the perfect balance between smoothness and grooviness, thanks to the gentle keys, honey vocals, and playful basslines and drums.

The track, produced by Blazehoven & SIROJ, has an important message aside from its sonic gorgeousness - it explores how the legacy of freedom fighters can so often become forgotten - recalling moments of bravery and sacrifice. Joya elaborates:

Inspired by the life work of my father, I wanted to write about what the mind and soul does to people who’ve fought against injustice. My father was a political activist, in exile for years. Freedom fighters are sometimes put on pedestals, but are mostly forgotten. And the ones who’ve survived, that came back, I believe they have never fully returned. Most Frail is about all the stories we’ve lost - through them - in the wake of liberation.

posted by Nasko
November 2021