Banyan's run with Lily Era over the past few months has been incredible to witness. The duo continues their hot streak with a UKG-inspired remix of JT Roach's "Bodies on the Floor".

For those who might be unaware, JT Roach is a talented multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter who has worked with acts such as Jason Derulo, Said the Sky, RUNN, and a whole lot more. Banyan has created a colorful, upbeat instrumental that beautifully compliments JT's folk-y vocal performance, and has ultimately bridged the gap between two unlikely worlds. The highlight moment of the track is certainly when the luminous lead is introduced and you hear the emotive vocals come to life in the backdrop.

"Our remix of Bodies On The Floor is an emotional and hauntingly beautiful journey that we think really reflects the dual meaning behind the record, which at it’s surface is a sensual love ballad but beneath touches on some of the pain JT was processing at the time about the prevalence of gun violence here in America" - Banyan

posted by Lu
February 2024