His musical adventure begins when Jupiter Grey is five, and the church is the place to evolve his vocals. He now has his own style that meets synthesizers, the futuristic ambient sounds of the '80s, and the raw edge of '90s hip-hop that shake hands with soul, indie rock, and pop and call it a deal.

This way, Jupiter brings his r&b approach that surfaces on the stage, also inspired by high fashion and Japanese anime. The London-based artist takes all of this and pins it in his debut album Fires on the Moon. The alternative r&b LP outlined his love for the '80s, joined by the futuristic touches there pouring into 19 songs. Well, "Sanctuary of Silence" is one of our favorite catches as Jupiter’s shimmering vocals are like glitter in the spotlight of colorful movements.

Fires on the Moon is about purpose and belief in yourself and knowing your calling. It’s the first instalment of a three-part trilogy I've been working on and is inspired by my love of the ‘80s and my origin story of Jupiter Grey. The whole album is produced by VaugeEightySix, who at the time of me wanting to create this album, had quit music. My inspiration and plan for the album inspired him to want to produce this concept for me. The process of making this project has been amazing and truly a blessing.”

You can listen to the whole album here:

posted by Krisi
November 2022