Do you have that one song that just gets you somewhere else? I heard mine for the first time in a bar a year ago and immediately ran to the laptop to check the name. And completely fell in love with it.

"LoveIntro" (CantGetYouOutOfMyMind) is the first track from JuSoul's notorious album KitchenLove (2011). It is a very nice remix of Alicia Keys's "Feeling U, Feeling Me" - sped up a little, but still as smooth. Perfect for late Sunday nights. You literally cannot get it out of your mind. Oh, and by the way if you love the original - check out this beautiful remix we released a few weeks ago.

JuSoul is a hip-hop producer from Essen, Germany. He aims to create a whole new musical experience of neo-soul, beats, hip-hop, and even what he calls "justrumental". His latest EP release was on 31st of December 2016, called Dear Friend, The Last of Me. Sincerely Yours. Unfortunately, he says on social media that he’s really “out” after it.

Hopefully, he would reconsider doing music again.

Oh, by the way - hi, I'm Nasko and I just joined Stereofox!

posted by Nasko
January 2017