Justy's "Expectations" was my personal breath of fresh air in the jazzy r&b scene back in August, so I'm beyond stoked to get a new track Brooklyn-born singer and songwriter in my inbox.

"Blues on the Crosley" is an emotionally-charged and very intimate composition that's going to melt any heart out there. I don't know whether it's because Christmas is around the corner, but I'm getting a bit of a mellow holidays vibe from the track... besides the sensual feel surrounding it.  

The single touches on the longing one experiences when they're apart from the person they love... and unfortunately, that's a very common situation in the state of the world we're living in this year. JUSTY explains,

This longing is intensified by that 'time of year' when all you want is to be surrounded by love and the warmth of the season. Home becomes less of a place and more of a person/feeling. Sonically, this record feels like your favorite record playing on a vinyl on a late cold night fit for overthinking.

posted by Ivo
November 2020