Justy makes a comeback with "Pretty," the second single from her upcoming album. In this release, she features JBC and the pair delivers a gorgeous blend between r&b and indie.

Hailing from Brooklyn and raised in Staten Island, Justy began her musical journey by writing music at the age of 12. Now, more than a decade later, this talented singer/songwriter has evolved into a promising force in the music industry. She views herself as an "old soul" and this beautifully shines through her work. Produced by JBC, "Pretty" possesses the allure of soul music from yesteryears while simultaneously being influenced by modern icons such as Steve Lacy.

I can't neglect to mention her charismatic rap verse, her flows are exciting and she elegantly complements the emotive delivery in the opening moments.

Justy shares, "This is very much about the feminine divine and all of its hypnotizing aspects. Women are a large part of my inspiration and journey honestly. Taking a spin on this U-Haul lesbian stereotype was a fun way to just highlight that women are actually just that magnificent so yeah sometimes you find yourself driving cross country after a month."

posted by Lu
October 2023