Last Friday was a blessing when it comes to new releases and Justy's Pain With Benefits was certainly one of the highlights.

After her last single "Letting Loose", here comes "The Get Out" which brings .Paak-meets-Kaytra vibes, smoother-than-silk vocals, and groovy drums. The focus track from the album is about the journey towards self-love & realizing her self-worth. She shares about the LP:

Pain With Benefits came about after one of my lowest points in life, 2020. I had just been dumped, the country officially went into lockdown, and my mental health was plummeting. I found myself wanting to put all of these feelings of everything and nothingness into something solid. That is where the record was born.
I was able to connect the theme of pain and success in my life and I realized that with each pain came a benefit. Unfortunately, a lot of suffering seems to precede light/goodness. In coming to terms with this, I realized that perhaps this was a necessary balance in life.

posted by Nasko
July 2021