The new JVLY release is perfect Sunday lofi r&b vibes and the soundtrack to watching the rain pouring out of my window. "aporia" makes everything feel beautifully slow-motion.

The sound reminds me of a a mix between Still Woozy, Rhye and Charlotte Day Wilson. Warm and cozy. Speaking of the inspiration behind "aporia", the Australian shares...

I usually spend most time shaping all the instruments and layers, the writing tends to come further down the track for me. I didn’t write anything down for this one though, I was just playing around on the piano and singing random melodies and it sort of all worked out that way, the vocals you hear are from that first day.

I’d say that was the most satisfied I’ve ever been from finishing a song. I would’ve heard it like a hundred times while trying to wrap it up and I’m still not over it, so that's probably a good sign. I think it mirrors the central idea of the whole EP and it captures the exact feel I wanted for this little album, the uncertainty. I couldn’t think of the right name for it, I was trying way too hard for ages and then I saw ‘aporia’ in a book and I googled it because I liked the word, it means “an irresolvable internal contradiction.

Time to zone out.

posted by Ivo
May 2020