Damn, I usually end my Sundays with something uber mellow, but I couldn't resist to JVLY's new single "blue pill". Tha Australian producer invites SARAI on a cosmic sonic journey and the result is simply put staggering.

The lushful 3 minutes and a half blend of bass-heavy electro r&b and pop crafted by the 2 artists feels like a playful and somehow surreal love journey. Influenced by artists like XXYYXX, Shlohmo & Flying Lotus, the Aussie is definitely someone you should be excited about.

On his work with SARAI, Kyle (the guy behind JVLY) shares...

"Blue Pill" came together really effortlessly, I spent a couple of days putting the instrumental together with help from the old dx7. When I write, a lot of the time it seems to turn out kind of sad, and I really didn’t want this song to be like that. I had an idea for a concept so I asked Sarai to be a part of it (she was a big part of my debut EP ‘Ache’). We always seem to have a synergy when it comes to collaborating, and it was the same with ‘Blue Pill’. She brought so much life to it.

posted by Ivo
June 2018