I continue riding the heat wave today.

One of the lushest artists out there, Australian singer & producer JVLY, returns with "here", a tune so smooth, it'll slide into your ears like silk.

It is co-written/produced with Maxwell Byrne (aka Golden Vessel & 1tbsp), making this, unsurprisingly, an absolute slow burner gem with delicate vocals, woozy/spacey synths & a heartbeat-like drum section that just gets to you.

JVLY shares, “As a songwriter and a producer, I think "here" is the most complete song I've made so far. When I first started playing this on the night I wrote it, before I had lyrics, to me something about the feeling of it seemed to perfectly capture the mood of that in-between state of one foot moving forward but the other a bit stuck in the mud of nostalgia. The chords and the whole groove just felt so sentimental, but not in a gloomy way, more like just a reflective feeling I think. My friends Max (Golden Vessel / 1tbsp) and Tom (from my live band) came in to add some extra magic which really lifted it too. I don’t really write lyrics down anymore; I tend to overthink it when I do. I always have my demos with me on the train or walking around the city or wherever, and I have these headphones that almost seem to mute the world, something about just seeing the faces and everything going by while listening seems to help me find what I’m trying to say.”

This is going straight into our sexy Smooth R&B / Neo-Soul playlist, that's for sure.

posted by Nasko
July 2023