Lots of good news coming our way all the way from Australia (still on the bucket list!). JVLY is back with a new single and also he signs new management - Jez from Acid Stag - someone we've been working with for years now and somenoe always supplying us with the best beats from Down Under.

JVLY has been quite busy over the last few years giving us two eps (Ache in 2018 and inside weather in 2020), as well as a selection of stand-alone singles, the most recent of those being "windless" in 2020 which saw him teaming up with fellow Australian artist edapollo, and has since collected over half a million streams on Spotify alone. Needless to say - we've been keeping a close eye on him and featured most of those gems.

About "many moons", Kayle shares

“This one formed in a strange way for me, but it was still quite an organic process. I had written the bones of the song and then I linked up with my friend Campbell who helped bring it to life. We spent a couple of sessions bouncing ideas back and forth until we had the most part of the instrumentation and soundscapes in shape. After that, we called in Joey (who is another member in Campbell’s band Vacations)to hit some drums for us. A lot of the time when it comes to laying down the vocals and melodies, I find myself mumbling along till I find the right pocket, but ‘many moons’ was one of those rare cases where the words kind of just leaked out at that stage. I always wonder when that happens whether, even if subconsciously, there was something there you had to say.”

If you dig Rhye, Charlotte Day Wilson, or Tom Misch - you'll fall in love with "many moons".

posted by Ivo
June 2021