Australian producer and singer Kayle Butler (AKA JVLY) returns with a tasteful soul-meets-r&b delight titled "tacit" featuring Una Mey's lullaby vocals. The collaboration comes six years after their first single together "milk&honey" back in 2018.

Kayle has dedicated his time to creating a new music compilation that he intends to release gradually over the course of the year. His initial contribution to the collection, "ambien," has gained traction on Spotify, with over 120k streams, and has also received airtime on Triple J's Home & Hosed program. "tacit" (which means: understood or implied without being stated) is a worthy successor with its elegantly soothing vibe designed to help you space out.

"tacit touches on that strange, unspoken knowing between people. It’s a story of rekindling or reviving something if you look at it directly, but what I found most interesting, and what I was trying to shed light on, is the instance where two humans can have a complete understanding of each other’s thoughts without a single word exchanged. That can’t just be based on history or knowing someone either, because it can happen with strangers, so there’s some sort of inexplicable language that happens with the eyes. It’s wordless but a lot is said and heard.

So that’s what this one talks about, and Una and I really wanted the soundscape to capture the feel of that moment of instant understanding.”
, shares JVLY.

posted by Ivo
April 2023