Grab something cool and refreshing nearby, this is a heat alert!

K, Le Maestro's newest single called "BACKSEAT" lends itself as a buttery smooth tune, reminiscent of those fiery 90's R&B ballads, but with a modern twist. Featuring Nápoles' gentle vocals, comparable to the likes of H.E.R, En Vogue and UMI, the track's harmonies lie perfectly between the crisp drums, and the signature K, Le Maestro warm pleasantly saturated bass. 

"you're trying to get lost in each other while on the open road"

The lyrics say it all! This track hits the hardest when bumped in the car on a nice long drive, so make sure to save it and try that out!

"BACKSEAT (feat. Nápoles)" is the final single before K, Le Maestro's highly anticipated debut album “WHIP MUSIC”, drops! Stay tuned for the release on September 17th via the one and only Jakarta Records.

posted by Chris
August 2021