2 of my favourite UK r&b crooners joining forces together. Today is a beautiful day for celebrating soul-touching music.

Kadeem Tyrell, who wowed us with his 2021 single "All My Love", has long proven his ability to create intimate and sensual experiences with his voice. Add to this James Vickery's jaw-dropping falsetto you've got a recipe for brilliance. The duo joins forces for the creation of "Since You've Been Gone" - nostalgia-infused baby-making music.

Since you've been gone, I am alone

Only the scent of you stays in this room

I'm so afraid, afraid of the call

It's only you that can make me feel whole

I sincerely hope I transcribed the lyrics correctly, but I wanted to showcase how relatable this gem is. "Since You've Been Gone" is that late-night companion we've all looked for.

posted by Ivo
May 2023