Malaysia-born, Brighton-based Kaisha (pronounced ka-yee-sha) is hinting at her upcoming EP Nine Yards by releasing the third and final single "Crossroads". The song delves into the exploration of personal choices and the diverse directions life can lead us towards. Get ready for some soul-soaked melodies and some of the most touching vocals you've heard in a while.

Following the successful sell-out of her inaugural headline show in Brighton, Kaisha is now gearing up for her debut headline performance at the legendary venue, The Social, in London on 7th March.

"2020 was a big blow to my mental health. I was also approaching my mid-twenties, and during that I felt regret for not doing more things or trying out new things. Some days I would just blink and the day would end. With everything compounding, I felt more and more unsure of the decisions I was making and that took away a lot of the control I had. Endless nights thinking about what could’ve been. Crossroads is really about the chaotic headspace I was in when I was uncertain of my future.", shares the talented singer.

"Crossroads" is love in the form of a sound. Hit the play button and let yourself seamlessly float on the river, created by the r&b goddess Kaisha. If you like the work of The Internet, SiR, or Joyce Wrice, you'll fall in love.

Listen to "Crossroads" and the 2 previous singles "Hard to Please" and "Ego" which are equally mind-blowing below. Expect the full five-track EP, Nine Yards on March 30th via our friends at DMY.

posted by Nasko
February 2023