The latest release by kaiyel acquaints us with soothing vocals alongside quality lyricism as he tastefully blends the line between r&b and hip hop in "been a long day".

Believe it or not, this is the first-ever release from kaiyel - a stepping stone that will lead into a waterfall of stellar singles. His debut borrows from indie thanks to the presence of acoustic guitars, while the influence of artists like Smino and Frank Ocean shines through his vocal performance. What I find beautiful is how his delivery is playful yet thoughtful, and how his flows enliven the emotive allure of the track.

"been a long day is a two part end of the day anthem that signifies the decompression towards the trails and tribulations that’ve been acquainted til the days’ completion. Another way to view it is coming to the acceptance of what the day bares and the ways you feel to persevere through it."

posted by Lu
December 2023