Kan Wakan's upcoming  triple LP Phantasmagoria is just around the corner and things are shaping flawlessly. As we're counting the days until the album's release, we got to experience another beautiful sound adventure.

The new song "No Line" is a smooth r&b/soul blend featuring L.A. artist SAÍGO on vocals. He's actually quite a frequent collaborator and you hear his singing on multiple tracks across Phantasmagoria. A definite treat.

When it comes to "No Line", Georgui shares:

"No Line" is the unraveling of a lopsided relationship, the deconstruction of false dichotomies as glimmers of optimism are replaced by the harsh hues of clarity. As truth emerges, strange bedfellows are unmasked: threats masked as promises, oppression enabled by hope, damnation the appetizer for salvation.

If you want to find out more about the L.A. based, Bulgarian-born artist, read our interview with Kan Wakan. Cheers and stay tuned for more info soon!

Ahh, yeah - in case you're curious about the lyrics and what SAiGO's singing:

A chair lies down to anticipate
A broom gets ready for the glass
My mind prepares to apologize too fast
Light at the end of the tunnel shines
But are these walls gonna break
Isn't waiting till the end of the line too late
There ain't no line between your love and hate
I can't tell one from the other
Wounds are ready to appear
Not gonna wait for heaven if hell's already here
Every time is the last time
You had me dreaming away
Only my fear of the world told me that you kept me safe
posted by Ivo
June 2017