Initially, it was the ethereal production that drew me into Karats Alexander's "ASTROPHOBIA." By the time I finished listening, it was the songwriting that had me captivated

Karats possesses a distinctive musical style that blends elements of jazz, electronic, and alternative R&B genres, resulting in a sound that is uniquely his own. The rhythm section in "ASTROPHOBIA" takes inspiration from hip-hop, while the influence of nostalgic R&B permeates his stunning vocal performance. I appreciate how "space" serves as a double entendre, alluding to both the cosmos and the state of his past relationship. In fact, delving into the narrative behind "ASTROPHOBIA" offers insight into Karats' creative vision for the track:

"I traveled to Mexico to visit my partner, hoping to rekindle our love. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned, and I found myself trapped in her apartment creating music on my laptop. When my partner suggested we practice being friends, I was devastated and later found out that she was seeing someone else. I flew home early and finished an EP I started in her living room, which I named 'Nebraska 22.' It's a collection of songs about our failed relationship."

Karats Alexander · Nebraska '22
posted by Lu
September 2023