What better way to end the work week than with some groovy r&b?

Our new obsession is Chicago songstress Khaliyah X who brings "What's My Name," an enchanting fusion of R&B and soul, mixed with self-discovery that showcases her modern take on the genre.

You'll surely fall in love with her soulful voice which floats like a cloud on top of the raw yet warm production (these drums are simply wow!).

“I entered the studio feeling utterly fed up and decided to use music as a tool to reconnect with my true self," Khaliyah shared. "There are times in life when we must return to our roots and rekindle our sense of confidence, and that's precisely what I aimed to accomplish with this song. Through it, I sought to reintroduce myself to both the world and, more importantly, to myself, by embodying the new persona I had developed.”

Well, she's certainly on our radar now.

posted by Nasko
June 2023