One of the world's greatest psychedelic funk / indie trios Khruangbin are back with new material. What does this mean? All of us who love spacing out to their music are in a state of full happiness. Honestly, laying down on the floor in my living room and listening to their 2015 record The Universe Smiles Upon You is hands down one of the most unwinding experiences ever.

Laura, Mark, and Don are joined by fellow Texas artist and personal favorite Leon Bridges for the creation of the 4-track EP Texas Sun. I guess there's no need to explain where does the name inspiration comes from? My day starts with a cup of coffee and EP's 3trac track "C-Side".

Imagine Khruangbin's stoner rock-inspired sonic universe blended with Leon's Southern soul inspirations? Even before hitting that play button, I knew I'll fall for this track. It is so awesome to see two seeminly different, but equally talented (and raising) artists creating something beautiful together. If you ever wonder how this whole thing came about, the guys actually toured together in 2018 which sparkled conversations and creatives ideas eventually turning into Texas Sun. If you could see me right now, you'll probably laugh because I'm moving in a very strange way on my chair along those basslines while humming tracks' lyrics.

Berlin is cloudly, but this track is the absolute sun. No pun intended.

posted by Ivo
February 2020