Kiefer Shackelford is a beatmaker based out of LA and is one of the most exciting up-and-comers I've come across recently.

Slated to drop his first album, Kickinit Alone, with Leaving Records soon (official date TBA), Kiefer utilizes his talent as a jazz pianist to add a unique flavor to his beats. His instagram also has a bunch of awesome clips that serve as evidence of why you should be on the lookout for Kickinit Alone.

One thing that I think is lacking from many live DJ sets is an entertaining performance. Either the DJ is just grooving to his music or spending his time hyping up the crowd a la Steve Aoki, which is fine, especially because people are dancing rather than watching the performance. Personally, I believe the rock or jazz concerts that I've been to have been more engaging, and that is simply due to the nature of the instruments they play; as an audience member you can clearly watch the performers create the sounds you hear. The prospect of Kiefer taking a solo on the keys during a live set really excites me. Best of luck to him going forward!

posted by Staff
February 2017