Buckle up, the next 7 minutes will be... trippy, to say the least.

Meet Kikagaku Moyo - a Japanese 5 piece living in the acid universe somewhere in between psychedelic rock, jazz and folk music. "Dripping Sun" is a journey back to my roots and a look into a direction different than the beat work I dwell in lately and it feels great.

The track is taken off their 4th album Masana Temples and it completely blew my mind. The dynamics and layers of sound... the sudden change of pace and the weirdness around the whole track are just mind-blowing. Recorded with jazz musician Bruno Pernadas, the whole album will be one of a kind music experience and I feel it might be the first step in a new era of my music taste. I am in love.

In an interview for NPR their drummer and singer Go Kurosawa shares...

"This is a day trip song. Get up, ride on a horse, take a walk, explore, and go back to your place and sleep. Often within the trip, you will find something that makes you feel nostalgic, something that brings back memories of the past and no matter how crazy the journey is, we always come back to where we were or where we belong and we feel calm. That was the idea of song when I wrote it."

Now I feel like listening to some Khruangbin.

posted by Ivo
September 2018