So, so stoked to finally share with you the full 4-piece electrifying Rise and Fall EP by Mexican electronic rising star Hector Montiel aka KILLV. With his new album & debut release with Stereofox, KILLV proves himself as a versatile producer capable of delivering infectious dance electronic vibes that radiate pure energy.

The focus track of the EP, "Solo" is a sonic marvel that showcases the producer's artistic prowess. Blending elements of breakbeat and UK garage, the track immerses listeners in a groovy soundscape propelled by uplifting beats, ethereal synths, and irresistible vocal chops. The result is a captivating fusion of genres that will have you moving and grooving from start to finish.

With his masterful command of diverse genres and his ability to create exhilarating musical experiences, KILLV is poised to take his project to the next level. Whether you're a dedicated fan of electronic music or simply someone who craves good energy, KILLV's Rise and Fall EP is a must-listen.

Let the electrifying beats and infectious melodies of "Solo" transport you to a world of groovy dance electronic bliss. Listen to it on your favorite streaming platform here.

posted by Boris
May 2023