Upon hearing Kissamilé's "Asleep" for the first time, everything just clicked. I could somehow pinpoint each element of the track and associate it with another favorite soul tune of mine, which ultimately means one thing - "Asleep" has it all.

The groovy raw drums on the instrumental sound like they're coming from one of The Kount's beatmaking videos on Instagram, the smooth sassy vocals are reminiscent of Maura's singing style and the male voice in conjunction with the guitar phrases made me believe for a second I was listening to C-MO & Trombobby.

Enough name-dropping though. As for "Asleep", the song is about this part of us that knows everything, that has all the answers that we don't know how to listen to. The verses have a captivating energy that forces you to nod your head and vibe with each and every subtle nuance, be it a brass trill, a guitar lick, or one of the many sweet vocal lines of the duo.

posted by Chris
June 2021