Stop what you are doing right now and put on Klangplanet's EP Electronic Journey.

Today, I've chosen to share with you guys the standout track of the album, "Downtown". That being said it was really tough to choose just one song to feature from his - always a good sign of a great artist at hand.

I cannot praise this producer enough, the songs are seamless and build beautifully and if you guys know my music taste at all, I really couldn't ask for more. On making his music, Klangplanet explained:

Pictures in my head. Felt I had to transfer them into music

Klangplanet's style reminds me a lot of New Jackson, especially the combination of downtempo electronica and the dreamy melodies all neatly stitched together, successfully hitting all them sweet spots! This is definitely a producer to watch.

posted by Jemma
June 2017