One of my proudest electronic discoveries for 2013 - Michael Maleki or also known by his moniker Kodak To Graph dropped another... liquid track this past Sunday! I can't really explain why I go with the term liquid. It just feels right. I guess it is the kind of music I would choose as a soundtrack of my descent to the mystic depths of the sea. It might be interesting to note that the project was initially a post-rock act which eventually evolved into the complex ecosystem of sounds we are currently enjoying.

The awesomeness of Michael's music comes to no surprise. No artist who is part of probably the coolest underground label Bad Panda Records can be disappointing.

Kodak To Graph is definitely a tiny music treasure in the vast world of music around us. If you want to keep up with his latest tunes I strongly recommend following him on soundcloud. Until his next release - lets dive into "House Plants".

posted by Ivo
June 2013